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Long Range

When you decide to shoot long range you need a brake that can help reduce recoil and help you stay on target. We have you covered. Our brakes are built to effectively reduce recoil while maintaining a sleek lightweight design. Helping you stay on target and stretch the distance down range by reducing recoil and muzzle jump without sacrificing weight or aesthetics.

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After putting in the hard work, one shot might be all you get to harvest that animal of a lifetime. Make your shots count while out in the field. Our line of self timing brakes offer some of the lowest profiles on the market. When selecting a brake for your hunting rifle you shouldn't have to settle for a heavy bulky brake. That is why we offer a variety of threads, contours, ports, and calibers. Get the brake that fits you and your rifle best. So when the opportunity arises you're ready to hit the backcountry with confidence.

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Whether you're in the field or at the range, you need a part that can take the abuse. Our flash hiders are stylish yet effect in reducing recoil and dispersing the flash. Keep your shots on target and put these to the test, you wont be disappointed.

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