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Explore our collection of muzzle breaks crafted from the finest stainless steel and titanium on the market.

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Built To Last

Forged from the strongest stainless steel and titanium. Made in the USA.

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Easton Sweeten founded Meraki Machine in 2020 and has spent the majority of his life in the firearms industry.

Reviews From Real Customers

"We love this brake from Meraki Machine. Plug and play installation and machined extremely well. Works great to reduce recoil and has minimal dust kick-up when firing prone. Can't recommend these enough."

Red Hawk Rifles

"Sleek, highly effective, and easy to index and torque. The Meraki Machine brake is quickly becoming a favorite for our customers. I love them."

Controlled Chaos Arms

"Best muzzle brake on the market. The left handed lock nut is genius."

Performance Rifles

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