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M1 Self-timing Muzzle Brake - Stainless Steel

M1 Self-timing Muzzle Brake - Stainless Steel

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  • Built from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Lightweight effective design
  • 3 Ports
  • Self-timing Brake
  • Easy to mount
  • Weight: 1.6-2.9 Oz
  • 2.125" overall length
  • Ports designed to keep muzzle jump down
  • .22 blank is built with a .22 caliber pilot hole and meant to be bored out by a gun smith to a specific caliber. 
  • .223 caliber good for any caliber up to and including .223 
  • 6.5 mm caliber good for any caliber up to and including 6.5 mm
  • .30 caliber good for any caliber up to and including .308
  • LOCK NUT IS A LEFT HANDED THREAD! Muzzle brakes have a standard right handed internal threads. When possible some form of thread anti-seize is recommended on lock nut threads.
  • If a product is marked as "UNAVAILABLE" it means its a product sku we do not produce and is not available for purchase. If its marked "OUT OF STOCK" we do produce it but it is just currently out of stocked inventory, we do not sell past our stocked inventory. 
  • 0.725" only comes in 1/2-28 TPI, 0.850" is the smallest we produce a 5/8-24 TPI.
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Our Origin

Meraki Machine was founded in 2020 by Easton Sweeten. With close to 40 product skus in just self-timing muzzle brakes alone, Meraki Machine is quickly becoming a favorite amongst its customers for all muzzle break needs.

Precision Machining

Our products are built from stock material to completion all in one machine. This eliminates unnecessary human error in multiple set ups and helps keep optimal concentricity.

Quality Control

Each product is hand-checked in-house to ensure top-notch quality control. Manufactured to coating to packaging to you, each step is equally important.


We don't just build parts, we use them daily whether its shooting at the range or taking them into the back country hunting.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Nielsen
M1 Muzzle Brake

Ordered the M1 and not only is the recoil reduction very good but I can stay on target to spot my shots. The finish and fit are superb and should cost more than they do. The customer service was great for getting the brake to Canada. The hand tool is well worth the money for lining up the brake perfectly and not messing up the finish. I’ll be using the M1 brake on all of my threaded barrels now.